There are several forms of hazing that take part in society as a whole. You can see these forms of hazing highlighted in some areas which have become greatly known for the activities such as when a student is entering into a club or becoming the member of a team. Colleges have sparked much controversy in recent years due to hazing incidents which have gotten out of hand. In many cases the individuals involved do not believe the incident is damaging. There have been many notable deaths due to the activity & it is frowned upon in many circles. Even with the negativity that comes along with it there are still many clubs which have a consented hazing period during which these types of activities are allowed or encouraged to some degree. We are relatively certain that death is never the targeted goal but it is the outcome too often to continue ignoring. Below is a partial list of hazing incidents broken down into 3 categories which can overlap into each other territory from time to time.


• Socially isolating new members/rookies
• Line-ups and Drills/Tests on meaningless information
• Name calling
• Requiring new members/rookies to refer to other members with titles (e.g. “Mr.,” “Miss”)
while they are identified with demeaning terms
• Expecting certain items to always be in one’s possession
• Deception
• Assigning demerits
• Silence periods with implied threats for violation
• Deprivation of privileges granted to other members
• Requiring new members/rookies to perform duties not assigned to other members


• Expecting new members/rookies to perform personal service to other members such as carrying books, errands, cooking, cleaning etc.
• Sleep deprivation
• Sexual simulations
• Expecting new members/rookies to be deprived of maintaining a normal schedule of bodily cleanliness.
• Be expected to harass others
• Verbal abuse
• Threats or implied threats
• Asking new members to wear embarrassing or humiliating attire
• Stunt or skit nights with degrading, crude, or humiliating acts


• Water intoxication
• Expecting abuse or mistreatment of animals
• Public nudity
• Expecting illegal activity
• Bondage
• Abductions/kidnaps
• Exposure to cold weather or extreme heat without appropriate protection
• Forced or coerced alcohol or other drug consumption
• Beating, paddling, or other forms of assault
• Branding
• Forced or coerced ingestion of vile substances or concoctions
• Burning

The more we acknowledge these activities & shed a light on them, the better off we will be as a society. These activities are barbaric & measures should be taken to ensure they stopped permanently before anyone else loses their life due to an accident which could have been easily avoided.

Likewise, college seems to be a time of heightened casual sexual activity often resulting in the passing of STD’s from one partner to another- often times unknowingly. The the advent of easily available online home exam for std’s there is now no reason to not act responsibly. Within 15 minutes partners can get tested for the most common STDs in the privacy of their dorm room or off-campus apartment. The results are between 95%-99% accurate. Obviously if there are symptoms that persist or the std test result is positive, get yourself to the schools health clinic. Most stds are easily treatable. Although college males are notorious for taking foolish risks, stds affect more than one person. Just as hazing has become no longer acceptable in most schools, colleges should also acknowledge that students need to be educated about stds and how to test themselves.


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