Who are the brothers of LTD?

An Asian American legion of brotherhood, we like to believe that Lambda Theta Delta is comprised entirely of exceptional gentlemen with our strength built through the diversity, character, and dedication of its members. From our leadership to each individual member, LTDs constantly strive for the next level through socialization and the performance of philanthropic activities with other Asian American fraternities and sororities throughout Southern California and beyond.

The Brothers LTD Signature Rings

Once an individual has become a Lambda Theta Delta they are welcomed into our world and given a token of recognition via the sterling silver rings with the entwined LTD letters engraved upon the bands. You may ask: “Why sterling silver?” First of all, wearing silver rings never goes out of style! It is timeless and exquisite and is suitable for any occasion.

When we first considered the metal to use for our signature member rings, gold, white gold and even platinum were thrown up as options. However, silver, specifically sterling silver was the final choice. Unlike pure silver, .925 silver rings contain other metals. Usually copper is the additional metal of choice since it makes a more sturdy and durable piece of jewelry. We felt that the truly precious and stylish silver and metal combination in a meticulously crafted ring that was designed to be worn and enjoyed for many years without losing its shine and glamour, was the perfect choice. In addition, sterling silver costs no where as much as white gold or platinum. And sterling silver is more durable than gold. Our LTD sterling silver rings became so popular that we eventually commissioned the jewelry company who designed the originals to also make sterling silver pendants and pins for sweethearts. With ear studs and other types of piercing becoming popular among some of our more cutting edge brothers, I would not be surprised to see some made from sterling silver with the LTD integrated somewhere in the design.

A number of LTD members have had engagement and even wedding rings designed around their college LTD sterling silver rings to the jewelry would all compliment each other. I was amazed at the number of stylish and quite frankly stunning sterling silver engagement and wedding rings that are available.

On a side note: one of the founding members of the Lambda Theta Delta fraternity even had his first child’s shoes cast in sterling silver. Who knows, this might become a trend among LTD brothers!


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