Founded on March 2, 1983, by four men, Eddie Chang, Steve Chiu, Carson Hsieh, and Paul Woo, Lambda Theta Delta is a group of young men dedicated to the personal development of each individual member, fostering the ideals of friendship, leadership, scholarship, service, and cultural awareness. Although we may not have significant real estate holdings, we do merit noticeable credence among our alumni. Since its inception at the University of California, Irvine over two decades ago, Lambda Theta Delta has initiated over 500 members, recently growing into a respected and influential organization both at UCI and in the surrounding Southern California area. Our combination of both unity and diversity gives Lambda Theta Delta its strength and character.
LTD is an active member of the Asian Greek Council of Southern California (AGC), the Asian Greeks of Irvine (AGI), and the Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) of UCI. These groups are umbrella organizations that govern and their respective constituent organizations. Participating in each of these organizations enables LTDs to interact with other organizations and their surrounding communities. LTD members continue to hold active and leadership positions in each. Within AGC, LTDs are able to socialize and perform philanthropic activities with Asian American fraternities and sororities throughout Southern California. As a founding member of AGI, LTDs collaborate with four other Asian American fraternities and sororities at UCI in order to promote interaction within the groups. Finally, as a member of APSA at UCI, LTDs are able to interact with other Asian clubs on campus and participate in Asian American awareness activities throughout the UCI community.
– First Asian Greek fraternity at UC Irvine: since 1983
– Currently the largest Asian American fraternity at UCI: 48 members for the 2005-2006 year)
– Community outreach around LA and the O.C.: hundreds of service hours, such as with the O.C. Interfaith Shelter, Chinatown Chinese New Year celebration, and the O.C. AIDS Walk.
– Involvement with UCI’s Greek community: such as Kappa Alpha Theta’s Go Fly a Kite, Alpha Phi’s Heartthrob, Greek Songfest, and others.
– Connections with Asian organizations throughout Southern California: exchanges, AGC Talent Show, formals, informals, presents, and more.
– Support for philanthropic causes: annual donation to the O.C. Interfaith Shelter

No matter how you look at it we all share an amazing history with one another. Each of us are connected in our own way. I can speak from experience that there is an unspoken brotherhood here that allows for an extended family which you can trust and rely on in times of need. For instance: when my daughter was in a serious accident in Maine, I was able to find a car accident injury lawyer who was Lambda Theta Delta member. I called out of the blue asking for his advice. After he learned that my daughter had sustained serious injuries with possible long-term consequences that would impact complete recovery, he told me that he would be happy to represent her. But even if she had not been seriously injured he said he would have met with her to discuss how to deal with the insurance companies. As it turned out, he was very aggressive in fighting for compensation and damages since the other driver was DWI. It’s possible that even if he hadn’t been a LTD member he would have handled my daughter’s case just the same. But I know he went to visit her while she was recovering, not to discuss the case, but just to check up on her. It is nice to know that I have a bond with many people who I have never met, all because of the relationships I built in school. I know that when I am in need they are there for me.


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