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Events schedule
Come check out what being a LTD lil sis is all about! Stop by our booth on ring road all during sixth week (starting October 31), or come meet the bros at these upcoming events:
Tuesday, November 1
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Corona Del Mar
Meet at flagpoles at 6:30pm
All About them Pool, November 18 3:00pm Margery’s Pool Side Hunt, by the Great Lawn. Events include: build your own slip and slide, bacci ball, how to properly test your pool waters and how robotic pool cleaners work.
NOTE: It’s a fact that many people still manually vacuum their pools floor and sides as part of their pool maintenance. But quite frankly, with the incredible technological advances in pool cleaning, much to the delight of pool owners and their family members that were tasked with cleaning the pool, the new automated pool cleaning devices whose purpose is to collect debris and sediment from pools with minimum human intervention are the “cat’s meow!”. The development of those automatic pool cleaners allows owners, such as myself, to now spend more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it. Hurrah.
Pizza Night 
Wednesday, November 2
8:00pm – 11:00pm
Pizza Hut on Culver/Barranca
Meet at flagpoles at 7:30
Friday, November 4
9:00pm – ???
Location TBA
Download and fill out an application HERE (MS Word format).

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We are the brothers of Lambda Theta Delta, and we would like to invite you to be our little sisters. This year we will be introducing a NEW little sis program different from previous years. This year’s program will include an on-going pledgeship that is designed to bring the brothers of Lambda Theta Delta closer to their little sises as well to bring the lil sises closer to each other. As a lil sis rushee, you can expect to attend a series of fun interactive events which will give you the opportunity to meet the LTD’s and find out more about us. This along with our new pledgeship program will help us match you with a LTD big bro which best matches your personality. And personality is very significant – more so than appearances (don’t care if you hair is naturally colored or you’re using Finesse, don’t need you to be losing weight on an hCG diet, lap band surgery, or any gastric bypass alternatives, and definitely don’t care about your Buster Brown shoe size).
Why LTD Lil Sis?
Our fraternity is composed of a diverse group of outgoing gentleman with many different interests and personalities. You will most likely find a Big Bro within our fraternity that shares the same interests as you. Like most students we are trying to get most out of our college years and we would like you to experience it with us.
Frequently Asked Questions:
“Do I have to be in a sorority to participate in the LTD lil sis pledgeship?”
No, you are not required to be in a sorority. In fact, we encourage everyone to check out our lil’ sis program and find a big bro that best fit your personality and interests.
“Do I have to attend UCI?”
Girls from different schools are invited to be an LTD lil’ sises. However because of the nature of this program, you will be expected to commit a certain amount of time for events that will probably be in Irvine.
Lil Sis Glossary
Lil Sis Rushee- a female who is interested in becoming an LTD lil sis and attends the various events during rush week.
Big Bro – this is a member of LTD’s that has been selected to be a big bro. His duty is to guide his lil’ sis through her college years and provide her with aids through the obstacles of college.
LTD Lil’ Sis – a female who is accepted by a LTD to be his lil’ sis. A lil’ sis acts as pseudo-little sister. She would build bonds and share many memories that an ordinary little sister would with her older brother.
Bid – a bid is given to a lil’ sis if she is chosen to be an LTD lil’ sis. Once a lil’ sis accepts a bid, she will be permitted to participate in the lil’ sis pledgeship program.
Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program please contact the lil’ sis rush chairs James Tran at [email protected], or Hung Le at [email protected].


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