LTDs are well-connected throughout Southern California. Here are links to organizations we are affiliated with, from Irvine to LA to Riverside and beyond.
agi sororities
Phi Zeta Tau, UCI
Kappa Zeta Phi, UCI
Kappa Delta Phi, UCI
agc sororities
Sigma Phi Omega, USC
Alpha Delta Kappa, USC
Delta Phi Kappa, USC
Theta Kappa Phi, UCLA
Kappa Zeta Phi, CSULA
Kappa Zeta Phi, UCSD
Pi Theta Kappa, CSULB
Rho Delta Chi, UCR
Chi Alpha Delta, UCLA
agc fraternities
Gamma Epsilon Omega, USC
Omega Sigma Tau, UCLA
UC Irvine Organizations
APSA – Asian Pacific Student Association


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