Lambda Theta Delta proudly presents VIBE 12…




On January 28, 2007 Lambda Theta Delta will be holding our 12th annual Vibe competition. We consider this the premier competitive dance competition and musical showcase on the West Coast.
This year the Vibe competition will focus on the best dance teams while showcasing unique and stunning musical and dance performances. Lambda Theta Delta continues our involvement with the community by donating a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.

A special welcome to our alumni and their families. As we all know with over 20 years of history,the Lambda Theta Delta’s alumni are located all over the world. We are hoping as many of you can attend Vibe. There will be additional activities geared to spouses and children, both young and older.

NOTE: Lambda Theta Delta is going “green” this year with as many of its janitorial supplies as possible. We have found a great online site, CleanItSupply, that offers a large selection of eco friendly cleaning supplies ranging from paper goods to the actual detergents and cleaners that are used for all surfaces. Their line of Green certified products, made from natural and organic materials safely clean all surfaces without harming the environment. Their eco friendly paper goods avoid industry chemicals, dyes and perfumes. When you use the paper towels, toilet paper or tissues in the rest rooms, these Green Heritage paper goods meet the Green Seal environment standard for bleaching, de-inking and packaging. The Green Seal certification mark ensures these supplies are a green product that is better for the environment and our overall health. We feel this is a step forward for Lambda Theta Delta to keeping our planet healthy.

One activity that should spark interest in the younger set is a princess dress up / fantasy play where all participants will go on an adventure. This is the second year we are holding this and I must admit it was a huge success last year. My own 8 year old twins participated last year and are eagerly looking forward to this afternoon of fun. They have perused a number of online sites selling princess costumes over the last few months. I believe they have now each chosen a princess costume. Although they frequently like to express their “twiness” by wearing identical outfits, when it comes to princess dresses, they always select different outfits. Each of my daughters has a very particular take on which fantasy princess they want to be. This year I believe one is going in a pink peony giltzy princess dress. As it was explained in great detail to me it basically has a stretchy bodice of hot pink and lavender floral printed swirls. The skirt of the princess dress has three layers of scalloped tulle in different shades of pink with a polyester underskirt also colored pink. My other daughter was so excited to see a Princess Ana dress inspired by the outfit this Disney character wore during her coronation in the movie Frozen. In shimmery aquas with a printed over skirt in greens, accented with pink, a black bodice with an embroidered design and aqua colored capped sleeves, my daughter insisted she must also order the Princess Anna coronation wig. Oh and that is not all. What is a princess costume without a special tiara, white gloves, and a cape. And in case you want to perform some magic, a wand is an absolute necessity. The time it took my daughters to decide on which tiara would be perfect for each of their princess dresses boggles the mind. I thought they have plenty of tiaras in their dress up chest. But apparently not. My wife couldn’t convince them that they didn’t need new dress up shoes after they saw the selection. At least they can wear these costumes for Halloween as well as for Vibe. So for those alumni who are planning to come with young daughters, do not have disappointed little ones. Make sure they know about the princess adventure and see that they are happily attired in a princess get up!

And for children who are not into the “princess” thing, there will be plenty of other fun activities to keep them occupied.



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