What is rush?

As the first and largest Asian American fraternity at UC Irvine, Lambda Theta Delta’s strength lies in the diversity, character, and dedication of its members. Twice a year, we seek to recruit new members through Rush. During rush, future members get to know current members, and vice versa. There is no obligation for these events; just come check it out and have some fun. If you become interested in joining our fraternity, come out to more rush events to see what we’re all about.

Continue The Legacy

The last ten years have been crazy. and I’m sure you’ve even seen some of the photos posted. Now with facebook even when we try to make our hazings private, a photo or two almost always get leaked. most of us don’t really care, but you know what you’re in for, I guess. Have you seen Beta Alpha Si Pledges all in their I Love Lucy outfits putting up posters? That was an easy good time until Johnny came by and dumped manure on them. What a stinky mess! Crawling out of manure in the middle of a hot day is definitely rough. Especially if you loose your glasses down there. It’s all in good fun, so how can you really complain?

As you may already know, we got into a bit of trouble for some strenuous activities we oversaw in which not enough attention was paid to safety. I’m speaking of course of the rubber noses marathon. Seems some of the freshmen were getting dehydrated and passing out – having so much fun and all! Seriously, does anyone really think there was any physical danger of dehydration here? Anyway we promised to provide hydration at and during the event via water delivery which we just contracted for. Will cost you all a tiny bit, but we get to keep our rubber noses clean.

We’re mostly kidding anyway. Our frat isn’t like that, we look for upstanding people who want to promote the awareness of kindness and equality. Making a good example of yourself is the best way to show others. We have a lot of philosophies that are easy to follow and a lot of good times to join into as well.

The rush site has been moved to a separate site; please click HERE.

Advantages of Greek Life

UCI’s New University writes about the benefits of joining a Greek organization. Check it out HERE.


If you have further questions about Rush, contact our Fall 2013 Rush Chairs, Yoon Han and Newton Luu.

We are always happy to hear from our reader & try to respond in the same order we receive messages but please be patient as this is not our only project.


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